Why Videos Are the Next Lucrative Step in Your Marketing Strategy

Why Videos Are the Next Lucrative Step in Your Marketing Strategy

About 63% of businesses have started using video to market their products and services. Out of those, around 82% firmly believe that video marketing is a vital part of their marketing strategy which cannot be ignored. The firm belief which further fuels this trend is that video marketing stands a better chance of attracting good Return On Investment.

Video marketing is one of the best promotional tools today. Similar to other devices, video marketing offers a vital platform which can be used to promote different products and at the same time maintain a ‘fresh’ image of any specific brand.   Here are four reasons why video marketing stands out as the best marketing strategy.

 Video marketing increases conversions and sales

Simply put, video marketing can help you make serious money quickly. According to analysts, adding a service or product video on a landing page can easily increase conversions by 90%. Besides, when presented to the right audience, video marketing can quickly and directly convert pitches to sales.

When a favorite video is played to us, our vision senses transmit the information to our brains which in turn become excited and develop unique cravings for the products being advertised.

 Video marketing gives more information about a product or service

Nearly everyone watches explainer videos today. According to analysts, such videos are generally designed to help views save time and money since they provide detailed information about anything and everything. Explainer videos usually help people learn how to use different products and services using images, writings, signs, and voice. Such videos are ordinarily free and readily available online.

 Video marketing engages even the laziest buyers

Videos are generally tailor-made to attract the attention of everyone being targeted. Apart from informing interested parties, videos usually provide the same information to people who find it difficult reading about a specific product or service. Simply put, video marketing offers a better alternative to clients who may be too busy to read about a product or service or clients who find it boring reading about specific products or services.

 Video marketing saves money

Sharing videos on different platforms are straightforward and cheap. All that’s needed is the right audience, the right platform and most importantly, the right video. Many social networks today encourage video sharing through the provision of sharing features such as Facebook live video, 3600 Videos, Instagram 60-Seconds video option Instagram Stories and Twitters Periscope.

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