3 Content Marketing Mistakes I Wish I Had Avoided

3 Content Marketing Mistakes I Wish I Had Avoided

We all have heard the standard phrases like, ’the future is still unwritten’ and the most common one, ‘tomorrow is another day’. While these and many other expressions may be true, I firmly believe that we can correct and improve our chances in the future by learning from current mistakes.

In the world of content marketing, I made simple mistakes which ended up costing me a lot. However, despite the negative experience, I managed to pick myself up and make adequate adjustments before losing my reputation and business. Here are some of the content marketing mistakes I made when I was still green.

 Failing to maintain a consistent blog

When setting up my business, I decided to start blogging about the services I was selling. At first, all was well, and I managed to attract a considerable following. However, as time went by, I started paying very little attention to this marketing platform, and to a large extent failed to post useful information on regular basis. Soon, I started losing clients who felt I was not interested in interacting with them since I rarely answered their questions and comments.

Lesson learnt

Online shoppers prefer interacting with traders and getting first-hand information about the products they intend to buy. Failure to provide useful information when needed will create a picture of an unreliable trader and in the process drive them away.

Ignoring email marketing opportunities

A highly successful email marketing campaign can quickly help you build a huge subscriber base and in the process maintain your brands’ ‘freshness’ in your clients’ minds.  In my case, despite being affordable; I failed to take full advantage of the many email marketing opportunities that came my way and only relied on the standard options.

Lesson learned

By failing to take advantage of email marketing campaigns, I ended up spending more time and money trying to reach out to different clients and convincing them to buy my services.

Misusing social media

Different social media channels provide right marketing platforms for content marketers. However, in many different ways, we usually abuse the platforms and in the process end up getting negative results.

In my case, I failed to study and understand my audience and at the same time paid very little attention to my competitors. I posted at the wrong time and in many ways created false impressions to my clients through the posts.

Lesson learned

Spend time studying your audience and competitors. Know what they want and how they are reacting to the information you are giving out.

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