Computer Repair in Calgary & IT Services in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

We provide in home computer repair services and small business IT solutions.

There is no travel charge within Calgary.

In Home Computer Repair in Calgary

You don’t have to lug your computer into a repair shop, we’ll come to you! Our technicians are trained and equipped to provide the same service that you would get at a repair shop right in your home and you can schedule your own appointment on our website.

At Active Computing we will schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.  When you pay for an hour with us, you get an hour.  If we’re able to finish our work quickly, we take the remaining time to teach you a little bit more about your computer and it’s software. Call us first for computer repair in Calgary!

  (available in Calgary and the surrounding areas)


Small Business IT Services & Support in Calgary

We offer a full range of IT outsourcing solutions and services for Calgary based small businesses. Computer Repair in Calgary

Services include:

  • Desktop Support
  • Network and Server Implementation
  • Active Directory and Exchange Management
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • IT Planning and Deployment
  • IT Consulting
  • Website Design
  • SEO Services

Why outsource your IT services?